Soup Sisters cookbook & the big stir…

If you haven’t heard of the Soup Sisters –you may be, living under the same rock I had been hiding under until, I received an important email back in January.  I was asked if I would be interested in taking the cover image for a cookbook, for a local Calgary non profit charitable organization called the “Soup Sisters”.  (As you can see from the  image below, I over course said yes, and was and still so honoured and thrilled, to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project).

**I bought this book,  as gifts  for a few friends for Christmas, and the cashier at the book store, looked at the books as he rang them though and said – “I have sold more of this book lately than any other cookbook… (How fabulous is that?!)


So what is it that the fabulous Soup Sisters organization does? 

  • They organize soup-making events, providing people in their communities with the opportunity to participate hands on in creating nurturing and nourishing soups for women and youth.
  • Each city that has a supporting chapter chooses a local women’s shelter or youth organization to benefit from the nourishing soup that is created at each event.
  • Soup Sisters decreases the operating costs of shelter recipients by 18-20% through the monthly donation of fresh soup


Once I found out about the Soup Sisters, the name seemed to continuously pop up around me in Calgary, it even popped randomly into a conversation with an acquaintance in Oliver BC …I believe the reason I keep  hearing about them is not just because of the amazing work they do, but because there is currently a growing network of over 6000 Soup Sisters participants across Calgary, Diamond Valley, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, London, Victoria, Kelowna and Vancouver!

  • Since 2009, Soup Sisters has delivered over 75,000 containers of soup to more than 20 shelters recipients in Canada for women and youth.
  • Over 8000 bowls of soup are donated to women’s shelters and youth across the country on a monthly basis.


So when I read about a fabulous event that was being planned by Soup Sisters that was to take place on the 22nd of November called the “Big Stir” I knew that I wanted to participate as a volunteer photographer to help capture and preserve the event…

  • The event that was attended by 250 participants and 60 Volunteers
  •  Working together, that night over 1500 servings of soup – or 700 Litres was made! 
  • The following day that soup was distributed to 9 different beneficiaries across Calgary. 

To learn more about the soup sisters or register for an event, visit their website:


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