Ode to the Okanagan in the summer…the Lavender Farm -not just good smells….

3As suggested on their website, at the lavender farm you can just follow your nose… though I would also suggest keeping your eyes open too,  not just to enjoy the sweeping views, but also to enjoy the garden sculptures, find your way out of the hedge maze, write your wishes for the wishing tree, and take in the herbal gardens.   If you are there to not just walk the 2 1/2 acre property and enjoy,  but to also pick your lavender -definitely allow your eyes to stay open and your sense of smell will follow, surely with a smile.

For me, in this room -this is where my sense of smell and my eyes thought there were games of trickery, though my  smile was enormous and genuine and knew better...welcome to the drying room!

In this room there are various varietals of lavender patiently drying, in addition to the lavender drying on this day they had also recently picked the spearmint for drying -the smell...heavenly!6


The week prior to my arrival, the lavender farm had hosted an event where proceeds raised went to support Kelowna Hospice.  Local artists created sculpture from the Okanagan's natural environment.   This piece, is one that the owner choose to keep - when I was there it was located in the wedding dressing room -it was and is magnificent-so pretty, fragile and intricate...it makes a girl want to try to wear it!


The lavender farm is open from June to October.  Visit their website, for current hours and further information: www.okanaganlavender.com




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