Ode to the Okanagan in the summer… Arolos Honey Farm and the bees that call it home

11 I was told to arrive early in the morning, as that is when the bees are the happiest, so on a beautiful and already warm July morning I drove into the hills of East Kelowna…Greeting me with a smile, the owner Helen tells me it is going to be a busy day, in addition to myself stopping by that morning, the farm is also hosting a party for a boys birthday and there is plenty of prep to do, for the farmers market the following day (the farm may specialize in honey and honey products,  but  they also grow over 60 types of garlic, and various fruit and vegetables).  Prior to viewing the hives, I took a stroll through the gardens, it was amazing what I heard before I saw…standing in front of the garden beds, with blooming sunflowers on my right, the Anise in front of me and the Zucchini flowers behind me… at first glance I didn’t really see them, as I stood and waited to see, first I heard… the buzzing and then there they were, the bees, and busy at work…




Bee tidbit… ” A bee in its life time will produce less than 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey”

(My personal tidbit… love and appreciate your honey!)3


A full honey producing hive will contain about 60,000 bees and a small hive about 20,000 bees!






Bee tidbit #2…”150 pounds of honey, in mileage, equals 13 round trips to the moon”




A queen bee will live from 2 to 4 years, a worker bee in the summer time about 6 weeks, a drone will live through the summer but if he mates with the queen, he will die




Honey Farm Tours are by appointment only.  Call them at 250-764-2883, to arrange a date and time for yourself or your group.  You will learn about the honey bees life, their existence in nature, an understanding of sustainable agriculture and have a close up and personal visit with a working hive (1.5hrs).  As well visit their website at www.Arloshoneyfarm.com



I also had the pleasure and honor of wearing the “bee suit” (though as a side note if you look carefully at me in the above picture – I am also wearing open toe foot wear, I was not in any harm, or at any moment think I was going to be harmed or stung – but I was a visitor and a guest amongst the bees and should have thought ahead -wear closed toe foot wear…)

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