We admit it.  We’re foodies. We love food. Love the way it tastes, the way it looks and how it can be transformed from its pure, raw state, into an appetizing form of art and beauty. We Love that food is a part of culture and it is definitely one of our greatest joys of travel.

Why the name Salt? We feel it captures the essence of food across the world as it is used in all cultures of cooking. Once upon a time, Salt was used as currency between the nations. It has always been used to complete and enhance our dishes.

Food is more than just what is found on your plate. It is labour and love. From growing from seed, tending to fields and livestock sunrise to sunset. Food is planning, creating, and sharing the perfect meal with family and friends. Food is finding your new favourite food merchant at the market, and wanting to share them with everyone and yet treasure them for yourself. Food is about discovery & sharing. Nurturing ourselves and those around us.

An accomplished food photographer painstakingly adjusts lighting on their subject, just as an executive chef subtly adjusts the seasoning of their dish. After all, you first feast with your eyes.

Contact Salt for images to spice up your company’s advertising, add rich indulgence to your menus, or as mouth-watering art, framed to enhance any décor. Salt Food Photography crafts delicious images of texture and form, creating a palpable sense of taste and aroma. From positioning of the product, to lighting, to the choice of lens, to the exposure of the shot – by adding Salt to the photo shoot, food never looked so good.

It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you just know someone's fingers have been all over it. ~ Julia Child

The art of food styling is all about subtleties; a wisp of steam here, a sprinkling of chopped herbs there, perfectly chosen props, impeccably placed water droplets, precise grill marks and the freshest produce available. All meticulously staged to appear as natural as possible. With a passion for food, and many years of experience to call upon, Salt portrays food in it’s best light. Capturing food’s essence is our passion. We’d love to share our passion with you.